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Your best photo of a portrait, kids' sporting event, pets, your house, Your vacation. You imagine it, I'll paint it...  I'll bring it to life in a custom acrylic painting!

About the Artist

Artist Bill Dunkley paints a variety of subjects from Animals, Birds, Still Life and Scenes of Nature from his home in Rocky Mount, Missouri. He loves to paint from his deck at the beautiful Lake of the Ozarks. His acrylic paintings are done in realistic detail.

He studied art at the American Academy of Art in Chicago, Illinois. After which he was employed by Nobart, Inc., a Catalog Art Studio, where became Creative Director.

In 1970 he started his own company named Dunkley Studios, Inc., a graphic arts studio and advertising agency, located in downtown Chicago. During those years, his largest account was Sears, where he produced many graphic arts projects. When Sears became 100 years old, he had the honor of illustrating a montage drawing symbolizing their gigantic growth. This illustration was printed, hand signed and numbered and was sold as a commemorative piece to all of its managers, coast to coast. He was also commissioned to do sketch portraits on that print of retiring executives of Sears.  After retiring from his company he and his wife Geri moved to Missouri.

In 2012, 4 of Bill's painting were Published in the International Contemporary Artist Book. Vol. IV.  Sold through Barns & Noble.